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~~~~ Smart Ass Grrrl ~~~~

Welcome to Smart Ass Grrrl's E-Zine. Issues are published monthly, but submissions are published as they are submitted. Monthly issues are gathered together at the end of the month in the Memories section.


  • Authors retain their copyright. That means, if your writing is accepted for publication here, you can submit it anywhere else you like. Other zines, literary mags, anthologies, I don't care. I just want your great work exposed.
  • Any kind of writing, poetry, essays, academic papers, short stories, photographs or artwork are acceptable for publication.
  • There is no theme. You can submit whatever you want at any time you want.
  • Violent writings, or sexually charged writings, will be put behind an LJ cut with a warning. I won't be accepting slash anymore.
  • NO PLAGARISM. If you are caught submitting a plagarised work, it will be deleted from the zine, a public apology will be offered to the victim, and we will publically denounce you.
  • Only I have posting access to this community. To submit your work for publication, send it to thornyroseofmysoul@hotmail.com, and I will inspect it. If it passes, I will publish it. Be sure to include your name or prefered pen name/alias, and any comments you want to preceed your work. You DO NOT have to have a LiveJournal to be published. But it helps. ;)
  • Your friendly editor is Annaleigh "Mirage" Watts, aka frottage
  • Hop to it, submit your stuff today!

    Links to Enhance Your Writing
    • ChickLit - The best site for literate chicks who enjoy reading and writing.
    • Dictionary.com - All your dictionary and thesaurus needs here. Also improve your vocab with their word of the day email.
    • Lynch's Guide to Grammar and Style - Get grammar reminders here.
    • Guide to Grammar & Writing - Test your knowledge of grammar with 170+ interative quizzes, and much more.
    • Le Projet - An e-zine so intelligent and interesting I feel dumb and boring reading it. :D
    • themightypen - Your free creative writing class. Assignments posted every Sunday. Feel free to critique, and get constructive criticism.
    • writing_101 - Another writing assignment community. A lot of flexibity about what you can do with the assignments.
    • freewriters - Write and post anything you like here.
    • aprende_espanol - Practice your Spanish here.
    • booktraders - Trade for good books here.
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